Share Referrals provides a single platform that allows you to post referrals and find referrals offered by companies whose services you are already using. All you have to do is post the referral on After posting, it will be visible to the public and anyone who is interested to join those services will be able to do so through your referral. For more details visit Our About Us page.
First of all, list your referral (See below "How to Submit a Referral"). Once your referral is submitted and visible publicly, anyone can send a request for it and you will receive an email. You can also check under "Manage Requests" in your account, where you will be able to see all requests that have been submitted. Once you refer a particular request for the referral you posted, you can change the status of the request to "Completed". After that the requester will receive a confirmation email.
To post a referral you will need to sign up and create a free account. After that, click on the Post Referral link and fill in the form with all the details regarding the referral you want to submit. All referrals are reviewed after submission by a member of our team. Once the referral is approved, it will be listed on the main page.
Once you find the referral that you are looking for, you need to post a request in order to claim it. Click on "Refer Me" in front of any Referral Program you are interested in. A form with your pre-populated email will show up and there will also be an optional 'Comments' field. You can change the email if you want the referral to be sent to an email address different than the one you are registered with. The email in this form will be the email which will be referred. After you submit the form, the person who posted the referral will receive an email with your referral request. When he/she submits your email for that referral, you will receive an email by the business about the particular service / program that you wanted to join.
Yes, you can easily share the referral you posted with your friends and family. After creating a post, you will see the different Social Media options appear as icons at the bottom of your post. The options are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. Just click on any social media icon where you want to post, it will automatically populate all the information so all you need to do is submit the share. It's as easy as that! If you just want to copy the link and put it manually in a post on a Social Media platform, there's a share button beneath every post, just click it and you will see a text box with the complete URL. Just copy and paste it wherever you want.
Yes, you can! On the detailed page of every referral post, there is a comments section at the bottom. You can also go directly to the comments section from the post by clicking on the "comments" link at the bottom of the post. Make sure you don't leave any offensive or inappropriate comments; otherwise we reserve the right to delete your comment and may terminate your account. For more details read our Privacy Policy.
Registration on is not mandatory if you are only searching for referrals. However, if you want to have your information saved on our system so you don't have to fill in the forms every time, we recommend that you register an account. If you want to post referrals, you will need to be a registered user and we will prompt you to sign up once you click the Post Referral link. Registering is quick and simple. You can go to the top right corner of any page and click on Login which will prompt you to login or register, or follow the links at the top of the page to Login or Register. You can register directly with your Facebook account or use our own simple registration form.
The service we offer at Share Referrals is subscription based. We offer three plans (BASCI, BRONZE and PLATINUM) depends on your referral links.
Once another customer has sent a request for your referral you will receive an email with information about it. Please refer to the How does it work section of the FAQ's. You also have the option to visit the Manage Requests section of your account and directly deal with all requests from there. Once the person requesting a referral has received all necessary information from you, they will hopefully follow through and contact the business that's offering the referral program. As a customer of this business, you will be notified through their usual methods, which is outside the scope of
We will never share any of your personal information or any information relating to you as a customer of another company with anyone. When you share a referral, the communication is between you and the user who is requesting the referral, so all they receive from you is the coupon codes or credits relating to the program. Please refer to our Privacy Policy if you require further information.

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