Current - Get $50 when you signup through my link

Get $50 when you signup through my link
for Referral link

Signing up for current card will give you a dollar but my offer is if you'll sign up so I can make money you'll not only get that dollar but I'll give you $50 so you will actually makes $51 please and thank you

Cash: 51.0

Posted by: Hecticgrod
Category: Finance

Current Referral Program

Current allows you to easily invite your friends and family to join us and become part of our community by opening an account too. You can do this directly within the profile section of our app under Invite & Earn Money. From here you can invite friends, track your outstanding invites, and see how much you've earned so far.

Please note, in order to receive the referral bonus, the person you invite must sign up for an account with us. Once they do that, you'll both see the referral bonus in your account.

About Current

At Current, we’re focused on creating better financial outcomes for people and their unique lives. 

Our CEO Stuart Sopp founded Current with the belief that banking should be accessible and affordable for everyone. We are bringing premium financial services to everyone with a variety of modern lifestyles to help improve their financial outcomes.
The Current Core, our custom-built banking technology, makes this possible by providing greater stability, faster money and cost efficiencies that we pass on to our community of members.

We have proudly brought together a diverse team of people from around the world to our SoHo office in New York City. On our team, everyone has an impact. We’re quickly growing, we’re dedicated, high-performing and committed to our mission.

We’re engineers, designers, marketers, product managers, customer service managers, data analysts and so much more. We’re a social team that spends a lot of time together, both innovating together and celebrating our successes. At our office we also enjoy a healthy supply of both food and drinks. Above all, we are a group of people dedicated to being part of building something great.

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