SkipTheDishes - Get $7 Off Your First Order of $15

Get $7 Off Your First Order of $15
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Get $7 off your first order of $15. New customers only. Cannot be applied to cash orders. Only applicaifor orders being paid with a credit/debit card.

Discount: 7.0

Posted by: Alaylah Brown
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SkipTheDishes Invite a Friend Program

As a SkipTheDishes account holder, you are entitled to voluntarily participate in the SkipTheDishes Refer a Friend Program. A unique alphanumeric code is assigned to your SkipTheDishes account, referred to as your personalized referral code (“Referral Code”). To participate in this promotion, you will need to refer friends who have never placed an order with us (“Friends”) and invite your Friends to use our Website/App with your Referral Code. 

You will earn SkipTheDishes credit (the amount of credits will be detailed in the promotion) once your Friend (“Referred User”) has completed an eligible order on SkipTheDishes (details will be detailed in the promotion and the terms of an eligible order may change at any time at SkipTheDishes’ sole discretion). The referral credit will be applied automatically against your food/beverage total on your next SkipTheDishes order, up to and including the food/beverage total before taxes, tip, and delivery fee. If any credit happens to remain after being applied to the order, that credit will remain on your account. SkipTheDishes referral credits are subject to expiration and must be used within the timeframe, if stated. The amount of referral credits earned and redeemed are subject to change at any time at SkipTheDishes’ sole discretion. 

This personalized referral code should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. You may share your code with your personal connections via social media, email, or word of mouth, where you are the primary content owner. In cases where you are not the primary owner of the content or website (e.g., Wikipedia, coupon websites, affiliate websites, discussion forums, etc.), public distribution is not allowed. Promoting or advertising your personalized referral code via Search Engine Marketing or any other paid advertising media (e.g., Bing/Yahoo/Adwords) is not allowed. You are not allowed to misrepresent your relationship with SkipTheDishes or the Service to any third parties, and you will not make any warranty or representation on behalf of SkipTheDishes. You are not allowed to refer yourself or members of your household for the purposes of earning referral credit. 

SkipTheDishes reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deactivate your account(s) and revoke the referral credits of any Account Holder it finds or believes to be earning or using referral credits against these Terms and/or manipulating or abusing these Terms. 

SkipTheDishes reserves the right at its full discretion to modify, delete, or add to these Terms at any time without prior notice. The SkipTheDishes Refer a Friend Program may be suspended, modified, or withdrawn at any time without notice.

About SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes is the best way to order food online. We're here to help you easily find and order delicious food from your favorite restaurants so you can get back to your busy life. We've modernized food ordering to provide you the convenience, control, and accuracy of ordering online. No more pamphlets, paper menus, or repeating yourself on the phone.

You can now conveniently find the restaurants you want, place a pickup or delivery order online and send it electronically to the restaurant. You can pay with cash, credit card, bank card or debit card online.

SkipTheDishes is a North American technology company seamlessly connecting people to local restaurants and food couriers, making great food more accessible. Through the SkipTheDishes network, restaurants gain more business, food couriers earn extra income on their own schedule, and busy customers are able to gain time by ordering from hundreds of local restaurants and national chains that never offered delivery before. From the founding of our network in 2012 to our expansion to 20 cities, SkipTheDishes is advancing the future of food delivery.

More Choice

We have thousands of restaurants, including local favorites that don't normally deliver. Discover new cuisines all around you.

Smarter Delivery

Watch your order from the moment you place it until the food is at your door. Transparency. Welcome to the future.

Gain Time

Life can be complicated but ordering food doesn't have to be. Let us take care of the details while you focus on what really matters.

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